1. Series from the Fall, a Vampire: the Masquerade set

    Written for the exclusive purpose of fleshing out my character in-between LARP games, and posted so that my fellow players can see them. A series of days between her first session to find her way onto a path, and the day before her next trip to the Temple. 1423 words, altogether.

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  2. Watch Me Burn, an Addergoole Drabble

    Set during the 28th year of the Addergoole School. Viewpoint: Mystral cy’Drake. Beginning of a longer piece.

    The door wouldn’t stop pounding. She’d been hiding behind it for almost an hour now and it wasn’t likely to stop.

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  3. Reunion, a Post-Apoc/Addergoole drabble

    ENTIRELY SPECULATIVE. Takes place the summer after the 46th year of the Addergoole school. 847 words. Playing with an idea for an alternate ending for this character.

    It was odd, walking through the world now. She’d spent years – decades – underground, in a reform camp-made-training ground. A band of Ellehemaei had decided that the only way to win the car the returned gods had started was to heal those that had been broken – by force, if necessary. It was them that had kidnapped her from her makeshift camp. Them that had sent one of their own off, bearing her face – her name – her memories.

    Them that had arranged for her death, to minimize the number of people looking for her.

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  4. Decision, a post-apoc drabble

    In response (long-awaited) to “I.D.” 260 words.

    Silas held his breath, watching. Waiting.

    He just wasn’t sure he knew what he was waiting for.

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  5. Worth, an Addergoole drabble

    Year 31 of the Addergoole School. Viewpoint: Oriax, a 28th Cohort student. 647 words.

    Oriax didn’t want to relive his first year of Addergoole. If he’d been any better at Abatu Intinn, he’s make himself forget it. But he didn’t have the verb, no matter how well he knew the noun.

    He could known your mind, but not erase it. Someday he’d find a verb he could say that would make Her face leave him. …Along with the rest of the year.

    Damn it. Damn Her.” Oriax laid back in his bed – the first night alone since he’d released Asherah. She’d gotten what she wanted – closer to the water dragon weakling he’d Kept before – so her “ploy” was of no further use to him.

    He didn’t want to be near Her anymore than he had to, anyway.

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  6. When it Rains All the Time, an Addergoole drabble

    Year 31 of the Addergoole School. Viewpoint: Pachua, a first-year Student. 775 words.

    Being sent away from home wasn’t as bad as he’d wished. It meant he was further from his father.

    Getting to the school – the underground bunker with everything too fancy – was weird.

    The students were too friendly. The teachers all seemed just a shade off. The lit teacher was too pretty to be a boy and too butch to be a woman. The gym teacher – and his…shadow – reminded him of his father. All of it got his anxiety on edge, more than he was happy with.

    And then all the lights had gone off.

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  7. Across the Ocean, a Fae Apoc drabble

    Some time very far after the apoc. Viewpoint: Gabriele. 711 words.

    The end of the world had come and gone.

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  8. The Handmaid’s Tale, a Fae Apoc (L/M) drabble

    Set after the previous on-going series of Luke and Mystral drabbles, but not by terribly long. Viewpont: Mystral. Eventually I’ll write someone else. 686 words.

    They’d been determined.

    Despite every care – and with all three of them putting up a hell of a fight – the Oncoming Storm was no match for twenty people, unprepared. They’d taken her and the children, keeping a burlap sack over her head as they traveled. She’d been sick from the drugs they’d laced into her blood – head foggy and unable to Work with a gag in her mouth.

    She couldn’t hear her children anymore. Where were her children?

    Where was Luke?

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  9. Finale, Turnabout, a Luke/Mystral drabble.

    After “Finale”. 362 words.

    It took her a moment to realize Luke was speaking. She watched the Working take effect, stitching him up. Somewhere, somewhat irrationally, she was frustrated at her own inability to do that Working with any fluency.

    She shook it off.

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  10. Matters, a Luke/Mystral drabble.

    After “Mutts”. 325 words.

    <Come in this way. Watch for traps.>

    She moved silently, following the map Luke gave her. She unsheathed her blades before her feet touched the floor of her house.

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